The Thumbs
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In a world full of fingers, some of us are just thumbs...

Irony, social aversion, repressed subversive musings, black ink, off-white paper, a mechanical pencil, a smudgy gum eraser, coffee, hard candy, Hungarian red wine, Budapest, fast motion on wheels and a lippy 14 year-old son: this is the universe that The Thumbs series sprung from.

Noémi Farkas started her Thumbs series in 2011, back in her home town, Budapest. Born on a bad day as a random scribble of a walking thumb (pictured to the right, a.k.a. "the Original Thumb"), this very rapidly snowballed into a body of work that is ongoing to this day.

Noémi is a seasoned and somewhat embittered graphic designer and illustrator pushing pixels around on a monitor for incredibly unhealthy lengths of time every day. The Thumbs make it all better... sometimes...


Noémi Farkas
1975 - born in Budapest, Hungary
1981 - immigrated to Toronto, Canada with family
2008-2014 - lived in Budapest, Hungary with son

Currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her son, Sylus and working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator.

son: Sylus Ajani Rafael Maceo Farkas Martins, born 2001
father: Nándor Farkas, gypsy violinist
mother: Magdolna Farkas, embittered ex-wife
brother: Balázs Farkas, 6'6" tall twin, drummer, school teacher


The Art Centre - Central Technical School, Toronto, ON
Post-Secondary, Full-time Three Year Fine Arts Program
Graduated with focus on drawing, scultpure and photography

International Academy of Design, Toronto, ON
Computer Graphics Diploma


2012 - January
Plateform Magazine, Issue 37 | pages 71-92

2015 - September
Plateform Magazine, Issue 81 | pages 27-48


the Original Thumb

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